The Everymen

PopGun Presents

The Everymen

DAYTONA (members of Harlem & Wild Yaks), Pow Wow!, The Brooklyn What

Mon Feb 25, 2013

8:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


This event is 21 and over

The Everymen
The Everymen
The Everymen are a lot of fun to hang out with. We prefer beers out of cans and love a backyard barbeque. We like our shows to rumble and we love when our drunk fans dance on the fucking tables. We like our guitars to be loud. We like hooks. We like sax. We like wearing jeans and t shirts. We think playing a great show is the most important thing a band can do.

Despite now living in New York City we still say "New Jersey" whenever people ask where The Everymen are from. Some nights we're from Jersey City. Some nights we're from the Jersey Shore. But we'll always be a band from Jersey. It may seem silly at first, considering most of us don't live in New Jersey anymore but the reality is where we're from is as inextricable from these songs as the guitars, the voices and the drums. We're a New Jersey rock band. We're always going to be a New Jersey rock band. Allow that to inform you how it will.

The Everymen
DAYTONA (members of Harlem & Wild Yaks)
DAYTONA (members of Harlem & Wild Yaks)
You would think merging three members of Wild Yaks, Harlem and The Siberians would make for unrivaled garage-rock upheaval, but Daytona nurses the morning hangover instead of agitating it. At first, the trio’s just-released Storm So Long EP sounds as effortless as their untidy counterparts: guitars just sort of tumble into place over seesawing melodies and plaintive lyrics that toe the happy/sad line—happy if blaring from speakers, the saddest ever if listening through headphones. The line, “I know you say you’re going away/Why don’t you stay?” lingers a little too long for it all to be happenstance, though. That’s the age-old secret, right? Mask the emotion with buoyant pop; then it doesn’t hurt as much.
- The L Magazine
Pow Wow!
Pow Wow!
pow wow! is the brainchild of the Eddie & Jeff Nazareno, brothers originally from the suburbs of Northern New Jersey and currently based in Astoria, Queens. After performing as a duo at a number of venues in the tri-state area and releasing a string of self produced DIY records between 2008-2009, the group became a highly buzzed about new band, having been covered by several notable names in the New York City music media, touting them to be one of the best New York City Bands of 2009. Comparisons have been drawn from The Velvet Underground to the Modern Lovers, with pow wow!'s loose yet hook laden guitar and bass lines, primitive and ramshackle drumbeats and the freewheeling delivery of Eddie Nazareno's vocals, which see-saw between speak sing and soulful howl.

After solidifying their live and studio lineup in early 2009, comprising of current bassist, John Paul Anthony and later joined by lead guitarist and co-vocalist, Amanda Burdon, alongside a rotating cast of drummers, pow wow! would go on to play over 100 NYC shows that year alone.

After playing minimally in 2010, the band began to write new material in 2011 and in September began tracking for "Don't Stop To Look," their first full length album, at The Buddy Project Studios in Astoria, Queens. David Silverstein would join the project as their lead engineer and co-producer later that Fall, at Sabella Studios, in Roslyn, NY, known for producing platinum records such as Public Enemy's "It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back" as well as Marcy Playground's "Marcy Playground."

"Don't Stop To Look" would be self released the following year in October, 2012. The sounds and styles it features expands on the party soul vibe of pow wow!'s first singles and EP's with new sonic textures that draw influence from a wider cache of influence, including by not limited to 80's & 90's shoegaze, indie rock, jangle and britpop bands. It would be their most diverse yet focused offering to date, highlighting their penchant for concocting infectious pop songs and melodies while narrating a scope of experience that is uniquely New York City.

pow wow! goes on their first tour through the North American Midwest in November 2012 and plans to release a series of new singles in 2013.
The Brooklyn What
The Brooklyn What are a NYC born and raised rock n' roll band that formed in 2006, started by a group of friends that grew up playing music together. Inspired by the perfect three minute pop of Guided By Voices, underdog poetry of The Replacements and New York guitar grit of Sonic Youth, they have been bringing their visceral and irreverent live act to venues near and far, inspiring people to give up the cool and dance.

Their debut "The Brooklyn What For Borough President" was released in 2008, recorded with 6 hours in the studio, was powered by young lust, adolescent humor and songs played at breakneck speed, and released on their own Pozar Records label. The band took to clubs, bars and basements, honing their chops by treating the crowds to soul ballads, explosive punk and their own experimental brand of rock n' roll.

In 2012, singer Jamie Frey, guitarists John Severin and Evan O'Donnell, bassist Doug Carey and drummer Jesse Katz entered Contintental Records Studio to record "Hot Wine", fifteen songs of manic genre-shifting rock, featuring two compositions by the late, brilliant Billy Cohen, The BKW's founding guitarist/singer/songwriter who was lost to cancer in 2010. The record will be available on vinyl, thanks to the efforts of a well-received Kickstarter campaign, CD and digital download, and is available on January 15, 2013 on Spotify, iTunes, eMusic and at http://thebrooklynwhat.bandcamp.com/





Tequila Mockingbird - $8
(Sauza Gold, Ginger Ale, Cranberry)
Negroni - $9
(Well gin, Campari, Vermouth)
Jameson Black & Stormy - $9
(Patron, Coffee, Campari, Ginger Ale)
Rolling Rock + Well Jammer - $9

Still pouring the strongest drinks in town. Cash only, Dad.