In South Williamsburg since 2006, Glasslands is a converted warehouse, formerly a homegrown community art space turned psychedelic venue partyhaus. Bring your friend, see the bands, try our beer,
make out in the photobooth.

“…not expressly a shithole…” – VICE magazine


Where is Glasslands located?

Glasslands is located in the Williamsburg neighbourhood of Brooklyn at 289 Kent Ave, between S. 1st & S. 2nd street.

How do I get to Glasslands?

We are a short walk from the L or JMZ lines on the subway and from various bus lines. Directions are available here

What are Glasslands hours?

Be sure to check ticket links for door times.

Do I have to be 21+ to get into Glasslands?

Yes, unless otherwise stated all shows are 21+, with a valid photo ID.

How do I get updates about events sent to me?

Our hilarious and informative weekly mailing list is a great way to keep up to date, sign up! See above or all the way below.

Where can I purchase tickets?

You can purchase tickets online or at the door. Keep up to date with Facebook and twitter as well as our weekly mailing list for the latest announcements! Some shows will sell out in advance!

Is there re-entry?

Yes, always and forever, so help us God.

Are there ATMs available?

Yep- one by the door and one next to the stairs to the balcony. Our bar is cash only!

Can I bring my camera to shoot photos and video?

For sure, no photo pass is needed and we encourage you to photograph and Instagram us! If you plan to shoot video please let us know in advance.

Do you have parking?

Parking is free, in a lane across the street from the venue. Parking in front of venue available as well, but please leave clearance for fire hydrants and garage egress.

Is there any good food around Glasslands?

Bedford Avenue is a veritable Mecca of good food, check out La Superior (Tacos), Dumont Burger (American), Aurora (Italian).

What are some hotels that are conveniently located?

Wythe Hotel, King & Grove, Pointe Plaza

How do I get a job at Glasslands?

If you’re interested in working at Glasslands send an email to info@theglasslands.com.

Do you have an internship program?

Yes, email us at info@theglasslands.com to learn more!

Do you rent your room for private events?

Yes, Glasslands can be rented for private events. Email us at events@theglasslands.com for details!

Who is Big Al?

Big Al is more than a person. Big Al is a concept, a feeling. A child’s laughter, the first robin of spring, the taste of a sunbeam, the sound of a rainbow.

Lost something?

Please come on down to check if we’ve found it. Our friendly bartender staff can help you access the lost and found any day of the week after 8:00 PM!