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Cassandra Jenkins, The Top

Mon Jan 20, 2014

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


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This event is 21 and over

"Empires" is a nod to the cyclical rise and fall of one's own personal empires--love, loss, and the hopeful glimmerings of a new beginning. Now based full-time in Brooklyn, Carrie Erving writes songs that draw heavily on the influences of the four years she spent living in Europe: her love of electronic drums and analog synthesizers are a product of living for three years in Berlin, Germany, where she recorded and released her debut album and became a critically-acclaimed staple in the Berlin music scene under the moniker "Erving," and a year in Ireland studying the aural tradition of ballads and Sean-Nos singing helped her to shape an intensely personal and melodic singing and songwriting style. Moving to Brooklyn in 2010, she reunited with friends from the indie rock community on her native side of the Atlantic and formed Ponyhof, a New York-based collective of musicians performing her new songs. Enlisting the help of renowned DFA mixer Eric Broucek to mix Ponyhof’s full-length debut, "Empires" showcases the talents of cellist and album co-producer/arranger Chris Loxley, drummer Ricky Petraglia, and bassist Robert Sahm (Le Loup), and features guest vocals by Erving's friend Will Butler (Arcade Fire).

"Empires" is set to release with worldwide online digital distribution on Monday, Jan 20th. A vinyl release is planned for early 2014. The single "Empires" will be released on iTunes and Bandcamp on Nov 21st.
Cassandra Jenkins
Cassandra Jenkins
Cassandra Jenkins has a voice that is at once tragic and hopeful. Bedded in haunting arrangements of tremolo guitar and washy organ, she draws you into a world lying somewhere between Mazzy Star and Twin Peaks. It’s an arrestingly intimate place, where if you listen closely enough, you’ll find something as timeless as it is bittersweet. She's joined by Sam Owens on guitar and Austin Vaughn on drums.
The Top
A composer's son from Berlin, lead singer and principal songwriter Clemens Knieper moved to the Berkshires as a youngster to live with family friend and Orange Twin artist Sibylle Baier, who both taught him to write songs and to drive. Now he makes sepia toned folk and pop under The Top moniker, where he’s joined by Dan Stern (drums), Aaron Green (keys) and James Preston (bass). If comparisons are your thing, George Harrison, Kinks, Strokes, etc…





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Rolling Rock + Well Jammer - $9

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