Red Bull Sound Select Presents: New York Curated by Afropunk, MYKKI BLANCO

Red Bull Sound Select Presents: New York Curated by Afropunk, MYKKI BLANCO

White Mandingos, Gordon Voidwell, BLXPLTN, Sunny Gang

Mon Mar 31, 2014

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY

$3 before 10PM w/ RSVP // $10 without

This event is 18 and over

Mykki Blanco is the all-encompassing metropolitan artiste—multi-faceted, multi-talented (poet, rapper, actor and author are just some of her varying vocations), and multi-gendered (Mykki is the womanly side of 24-year-old Michael David Quattlebaum Jr.), the enthusiastic entertainer is armed with an aggressive and impressive flow, a sharp fashion sense, and a rare blend of confidence and humility.

The hard-working entertainer/beloved downtown dignitary has already grabbed the attention of many eyeballs and eardrums alike, thanks in large part to collaborations with photographer Terry Richardson (who chose the emerging artist to be a part of the campaign he shot for Happy Socks, along with model Ashley Smith and Harlem lyricist of the moment A$AP Rocky), a book of poetry (From The Silence Of Duchamp To The Noise Of Boys) sold at chic magnets Opening Ceremony and LA's OHWOW Gallery, as well as opening slots alongside acts like Gang Gang Dance and ARABMUZIK.
White Mandingos
The White Mandingos are here to rock you and roll you.

The White Mandingos are heavy because legendary founding member of the Bad Brains Darryl Jenifer is in

the group.

The White Mandingos are heavy because legendary emcee, writer and word slayer Murs is in the group.

The White Mandingos are heavy because legendary writer of words (and riffs) Sacha Jenkins SHR is in the


The White Mandingos are heavy because their sound combines the old with the new in an effort to inspire

you and slap you.

The White Mandingos are heavy because there are guitars, drums, 808s and word play that don't play.

The White Mandingos are heavy because it's 2013 and they're about to drop their LP, The Ghetto is Tryna

Kill Me, like it's hot.

The White Mandings are heavy, not wavy. Ask a smart person.
Gordon Voidwell
Gordon Voidwell
William Gordon Johnson (1983 – ), well known by his pen name Gordon Voidwell, is a Bronx-born singer, songwriter, musician and fashion writer. He is noted for his mixtape Voided Checks (2009), which has been called "electro-fantastic…hip-hop-esque [and] yacht-rockin." Voidwell's keen wit, incisive satire and undeniable danceability has earned him praise from critics and peers alike. A friend to presidents, artists, industrialists, and European royalty, Gordon is extensively grooved to, fucked to and listened to on the train. Inspired by Talking Heads, The Rah Band and Marz, Voidwell's new single Ivy League Circus teems with recession-era energy for those who are bullish on beats and bearish on modesty. He is NOT from Brooklyn.
"Taking form last spring, BLXPLTN stands out both for its future-sound take on Eighties American

hardcore – compete with live electric drums – as well as effectively capturing an attitude that's both

hostile and inspiring." -Kevin Curtin, Austin Chronicle

"The Austin-based trio blends punk fury with industrial and electrocrass sounds on “Stop and Frisk”

and “Train.” Building from a minimal electro beat and distorted bass “Stop and Frisk” eviscerates the

tactic. ...Sounding something like Black Flag with an electronic drum kit, the trio of TaSzlin Muerte,

Jonathan Hortsmann, and Khattie Q inject raw minimalism with a new fire." -Nathan Leigh, Afropunk

Our bass player should be sending our tech rider over by Wednesday.

BLXPLTN (Blaxploitation) is a cutting-edge new electro-punk music project out of Austin, TX. Power trio

TaSzlin Muerte (electro drums, vocals) Javelin Horstmann (bass, synth, vocals) and Lil K Big Q (guitar,

screams) comes together to create music that has distinct punk, new wave, and even hip-hop influences.

Audience reactions to live shows range from enthusiastic headbanging to drop-jawed, drooling disbelief.

All multi-instrumentalist veterans of live performance and touring,TaSzlin, Jonathan, and Khattie are

quickly gaining recognition and support both locally and nationally. They are currently completing their

first full-length studio album with Autry Fulbright (...Trail of Dead, Midnight Masses) and Elliott Frazier

(Ringo Deathstarr), and on their first single and music video.
Sunny Gang
Sunny Gang is a 4 man punk rap band from Newark, NJ based around a love for partying and performing.





Tequila Mockingbird - $8
(Sauza Gold, Ginger Ale, Cranberry)
Negroni - $9
(Well gin, Campari, Vermouth)
Jameson Black & Stormy - $9
(Patron, Coffee, Campari, Ginger Ale)
Rolling Rock + Well Jammer - $9

Still pouring the strongest drinks in town. Cash only, Dad.