Catey Shaw

PopGun Presents

Catey Shaw

Evvy, Mike Hubbard, Stabwounds

Mon Oct 6, 2014

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


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This event is 21 and over

Catey Shaw
Catey Shaw
CATEY SHAW truly got her start underground - in the New York City subways. She played a beat-up ukulele for spare change until her current manager, Jay Levine, scooped her up from the train platform and into the recording studio.

Catey is due to put out her sophomore release, The Brooklyn EP, on September 9th- including the east coast’s retaliation to Katy Perry’s hit single “California Gurls,” and Brooklyn’s new anthem, “Brooklyn Girls”. Her influences span from hip-hop to disco, Billie Holiday to Bob Marley. Through channeling her well-rounded understanding of the world into pop music, Catey Shaw makes her unique voice impossible to tune-out.

Aside from music, Catey is a lifelong painter and a true artist. This can be seen in the artwork of all her releases; every song on The Brooklyn EP has an accompanying original painting.
With her last release over a year behind us, Catey rings in her clear and undeniable sound, making The Brooklyn EP more than worth the wait.
EVVY is the newest indie pop artist from New York, her honeyed vocals surrounded by a glimmering production will pull you into her technicolor world of young love and heartbreak.
Mike Hubbard
Mike Hubbard
Mike Hubbard is a singer/songwriter based out of New York City. A native of Reading, Pennsylvania, Mike has been gaining notoriety throughout the last few years from his songs brimming with insightful lyrics, catchy melodies, and powerful themes, all performed with an arresting charisma and the help of a multi-talented band.

After honing his songwriting chops at Berklee, this multi-instrumentalist moved to New York in 2012 where he has since built a substantial fan base at venues like Rockwood Music Hall and Pianos NYC with his healthy mix of piano and guitar-based pop. Currently working on his second record which was successfully funded on Kickstarter.com, Mike and his band will be frequenting the New York scene and popping into the festival circuit in the next few months.
Stabwounds is an act of rebellion, not for all ages. With all original music. the duo has been dubbed "a sexually charged female version of Simon and Garfunkel". Rock music through a folk gramophone with a doo-wop kick. Some serious harmonies, some serious sex appeal.





Tequila Mockingbird - $8
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Negroni - $9
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Jameson Black & Stormy - $9
(Patron, Coffee, Campari, Ginger Ale)
Rolling Rock + Well Jammer - $9

Still pouring the strongest drinks in town. Cash only, Dad.