R. Stevie Moore

PopGun Presents

R. Stevie Moore


Sat Nov 29, 2014

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 11:30 pm)

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


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This event is 21 and over

R. Stevie Moore
R. Stevie Moore
Some of his fans are rabid in their quest for every uttered morsel he has plopped onto magnetic tape. Radio dial surfers have been mystified when stumbling onto some of his more wacked-out cuts aired on adventurous college stations. Then there are those who harbor a fuzzy recognition of his literary-sounding moniker from dog-eared reviews or yellowing blurbs in the press. During his thirty-plus years of unleashing his sounds upon the world, R. Stevie Moore has lurked and hulked in far-flung corners of mythical, musical godhead.

We are not here to dispel any well-honed lore of this revered cult legend. Might we attempt to "figure out" the sometimes strange, other-time classic work of R. Stevie Moore? Can we hope to uncover just what it is that makes the man tick? Balderdash! Here is a task this writer would not wish upon his lowliest of chump chums. Just what is it we are doing then? We are attempting to shine a ray of light into the inner sanctum of the enigmatic Mr. Moore. We hope to get a sense of from whence he came and to get to know him just a little better. To know Stevie is to . . . well, love him. Yours truly does, anyhow. Hopefully, after digging into this package, you will too . . . if'n you don't already, that is.
Sent directly from the future and completely ready to bury your past and everything you've ever held dear, BIG MUFF RADIO, living up north in Brooklyn, has reached it's fully-developed final mutation in the form of live performance spectacle unlike any other... infectious oozing pop slime, a dynamic explosion of space punk filtered through a clogged toilet of remarkable pop hooks and impeccable melodic surges... A true pioneering and sublime step into the iridescent pop dreams (and nightmares) of the not-so-bleak future....So don't keep taking the same route to rock'n roll salvation when there are so many exciting ways to live, and get ready to have your mind thoroughly blown out, because the future worlds of BIG MUFF RADIO sound fucking unreal...





Tequila Mockingbird - $8
(Sauza Gold, Ginger Ale, Cranberry)
Negroni - $9
(Well gin, Campari, Vermouth)
Jameson Black & Stormy - $9
(Patron, Coffee, Campari, Ginger Ale)
Rolling Rock + Well Jammer - $9

Still pouring the strongest drinks in town. Cash only, Dad.